Cornerstone R Scripts

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CornerstoneR package provides generic R scripts which enable you to use existing R routines in Cornerstone.

The desktop application Cornerstone is a data analysis software provided by camLine that empowers engineering teams to find solutions even faster. The engineers incorporate intensified hands-on statistics into their projects. They benefit from an intuitive and uniquely designed graphical Workmap concept: you design experiments (DoE) and explore data, analyze dependencies, and find answers you can act upon, immediately, interactively, and without any programming.

While Cornerstone’s interface to the statistical programming language R has been available since version 6.0, the latest interface with R is even much more efficient. Cornerstone release 7.1.1 allows you to integrate user defined R packages directly into the standard Cornerstone GUI. Your engineering team stays in Cornerstone’s graphical working environment and can apply R routines, immediately and without the need to deal with programming code.

Learn how to use R packages in Cornerstone 7.1.1 on camLineTV YouTube channel (available in German).


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